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Trident Public school provides an enjoyable satisfying programme as Annual Sports Funcation  with varied activates with opportunities for all pupils top envelop physically, socially & emotionally. We offer a choice of games at the primary revel and skills are developed  from  an early get toProve themselves as owe of the best human being at on our planet.

Our physical Education programme covers indoor Games athletics and outdoor pursuits.  Facilities are available for Hockey, Football, Cricket< Basket Ball , Badminaton, Table Tennis, Boxing Karate shooting, archery, Swimming. Qualified physical Trainers are on the staff for both boys and Girls.  School also provides National Cadet Core (N.C.C) Facilities which proves useful for such boys and girls, who opt for the define service as a career. Opportunities are given in the house system which develops a healthy competitive spirit consumed with sportsmanship qualities.


The school arranges educational tours, excursions, hikes, for students and faculty members to come together. It is widely accepted that they play an indispensable part in development of personality and strengthening the ties of friendship among students. They are also shown important istrical places, scenes, varied Indian culture,  which make them to bring back happy everlasting memories to s hared.


Having highly qualified and experienced staff, a orientation programmes are arranged to enable to keep pace with the multifaceted modern education. Thus our teaching staff enable the students to develop a sense of social service, self-discipline, self-reliance, punctuality, cleanliness, Loyalty , Politeness, respect to seniors, Importance of physical fitness and sportsmanship. It aims at all round development of students.


There are four houses red, blue green and orange. Each boy and Girl feels privileged and proud house to which he/she blongs to and acclimatizes with the riches and innovative traditions this school.
The house run/function smoothly under the leadership of house master and the inter house completion brings out the best in the boys and girls when taking part in sports and co-curricular activities

It is from the house competition that the school teams are selected in a healthy and dedical manner  The appointee boys and girls contribute in the house work and assist the teachers maintaining general discipline. The house captain and prefects take charge of their respective houses and strive for the coveted Trident House Trophy. The one emerging victorious have I honour of hosting the Trident House party a time for celebration.


The TRIDENT prepares boys & girls accordance with curriculum school education as per the CBSE, Delhi. English is the medium of instruction and every student is expected to acquire accuracy and fluency in the languages. The curriculum includes the teaching of Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics’, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Civics, Geography, Accounts, B.S, Economics, Moral Science, S.U.P.W & Community Service, Fine Arts and Music.

A  planned scheme  of  Athletics and General Physical Training to both girls and boys is available. The school recognizes the hidden creativities individually and collectively and nutures properly for the attainment of perfection. All students are encouraged to participate in debates, dramas, declamations and recitations. Arrangements are made for the pursuits at hobbies and crafts such as painting, carpentry , Electronics, paper cutting, gardening, Photography, Book Binding, clay Modeling and the study of Trees, Plants and Insects. Instruction in Needlework and Knitting is also provided for them.


To improve and achieve the school’s objectives, there will be a meeting with parents to share their valuable suggestions for maintaining the standard and valued education which makes our students to bring laurel to our society. Students have to be present during every P.T.A (Parents Teachers Association) Meet to express his/ her problems before the responsible concerned.